Quarter Notes

UUJAZ Newsletter

Through Our Faithify Campaing Action In Arizona, UUJAZ raised $5,050!  This surpassed our goal by over 20%!  

Thank you to:

Ken Asch
Richard Bitner
Gary Finke
Marla Daugherty
Gudie Cole
Eileen Hubin
Jerry Beale
Arthur Carter Rogers
Sally Thomas
Regina Johnston
Katie Resendiz
Leon/Evalyn Bennet-Alder
M Hoover
Heather Lipsey
Robert Hardy
Marian Laroche
Bev Bostrom
Diane Davis
Jennifer Glick
William Park
Norma West
Sandy Deville
Fred Forte
Carolyn Saunders
David & Edna Weigel
Sharyn Jensen
Barbara C Robson
Bobbie Bollinger
Anne Schneider
Linda L Lawrence
Mary Rothschild
Michael Herman
Valerie Morrill
Paul Moreno
Susan And Curtiss Manker-Seale
Bruce Celiz-Hagen
Kenneth Brown
Mary Steenhoek
Marla Daugherty
Dorothy Jacobs
David Sheh
Betty Meikle
Heidi Parmenter
Janet Moore
Sara Robles
Tina Zayhowski
Cal & Barb Nigh
Sally Reynolds
Lydia M Yanak
Glenn Farley
Carol Evans
Frank And Carolyn Valdes
Sharon Travis
Katherine Conover
Chuck And Mike Gould And Greenbaum
Sharon Kopina
Patricia Mcdaniel
Susan Frederick-Gray
Rebecca Keyes
Jo Sprague
Joanne Smith
Evan Junker
Hugh And Norma Meier
Ann Rangos
Mike Thowson
Christiane Heyde
Rev. Karla Brockie
Earl Holt
Joanne Giannino Giannino
Abigail Gaines
Matthew Funke Crary
Walt Wieder
Ronnie Phares
Andy Burnette
Lisa Mcdaniel-Hutchings
Sharon Travis
Peter Eldridge
Liz Swan                                   
And All Of Our Anonymous Donors

Action is Arizona is a campaign to increase the resources available to social justice actors in the state.  Unitarian Universalists have been at the heart of the justice movement in Arizona. UUJAZ wants to build on that power and create a sustainable, supported network of Unitarian Universalist Justice Builders.

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