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UUJAZ supports sanctuary and the call for “administrative closure” of the deportation order facing Rosa Robles Loreto. 
Rosa, her husband Gerardo and their two sons entered into sanctuary at the Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson on Thursday August 7.The family will stay on church grounds until immigration officials agree to close her case,

For more information and to support closing Rosa's deportation order visit the Rosa Robles Loreto-Sanctuary Facebook page.

Sanctuary Effort In Tempe

Luis Lopez-Acabal, with the support of his wife, children, and community, will be living in the University Presbyterian Church, In Tempe as they shield him from immigration authorities, hoping that they will be able to do so until Obama passes an executive order for which he will qualify.

“Our religious traditions have called us since ancient times to provide sanctuary and advocacy for those who are being oppressed. I encourage all people of faith to sign this

petition to keep our sibling Luis with his wife and children. Let there be not one more family torn apart by our broken immigration system,” Rev. Andy Burnette, Valley UU Congregation


Marriage Equality!

Friday, October 17, was an historic day in Arizona!  The right of same sex couples  to marry was finally recognized.  UU Ministers joined  clergy from other faiths to help couples  celebrate with marriage ceremonies at County Courthouses throughout the state..

Above, Rev. Lisa McDaniel-Hutchings, UUJAZ Co-Executive Director, performs a marriage ceremony in Green Valley.

Below UUJAZ Board Member, Rev. Matthew Crary "stands ready" outside the Santa Cruz County Courthouse.