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UUJAZ supports sanctuary and the call for “administrative closure” of the deportation order facing Rosa Robles Loreto. 
Rosa, her husband Gerardo and their two sons entered into sanctuary at the Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson on Thursday August 7.The family will stay on church grounds until immigration officials agree to close her case, .
​“We don’t think it’s a crime for a mother to want to provide for her children and her husband. We’re responding to the call of our faith to love our neighbor as ourselves,” said Rev. Allison Harrington, the pastor of Southside Presbyterian.

For more information and to support closing Rosa's deportation order visit the Rosa Robles Loreto-Sanctuary Facebook page.

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Now is the time  to call on President Obama to stop deportations of undocumented immigrants and children seeking asylum.

Join UUs from across Arizona and the country  in calling for an end to deportations.