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Sanctuary Effort in Tucson

Support for Public Banking In Arizona Is Growing

Arizonans for a New Economy believes that creation of a state bank would go a long way toward making Arizona financially healthy again. Across the country, states and cities have billions of dollars sitting in rainy day funds that are held by Wall Street banks, such Bank of America, Chase, or Wells Fargo. Public banks manage the state’s funds– tax revenue and other monies, including federal grants and matching funds– and invest the money in the public interest on Main Street, instead of in theshareholders’ interest on Wall Street 

UUJAZ Is a supporter of Arizonans for a New Economy.

UUJAZ supports sanctuary and the call for “administrative closure” of the deportation order facing Rosa Robles Loreto. Rosa, her husband Gerardo and their two sons entered into sanctuary at the Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson on Thursday August 7.The family will stay on church grounds until immigration officials agree to close her case,

For more information and to support closing Rosa's deportation order visit the Rosa Robles Loreto-Sanctuary Facebook page.

The We Stand With Rosa campaign has printed 10,000 yard signs and dozens for volunteers have been distributing them all over Tucson– thanks so much to all of you!

They received some donations to cover the costs of the signs but they need another $3,500 right away to pay the printer.  

If you can help pay for yard signs  please make donation checks payable to We Support Working Families Bond Fund, and write Yard Signs in the memo line.please mail your check to 730 S. Osborne Ave., Tucson AZ 85701.

Arizona Faith Leaders

Oppose Prison  Expansion

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